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Rock Concert

Take Advantage of Our Stunning AR Holographic Projections For:


We bring your vision to life and make it memorable: from award ceremonies to TV shows, launches, and one-off events, our technology allows you to present the biggest stars anywhere in the world at any time, without their needing to be physically present.


From product launches to company conferences, we make your initiatives memorable: we can revolutionize presentations with engaging animation as AR holographic projections; beam in your CEO live from anywhere in the world to deliver their keynote speech; project breakout meetings live - from Asia to America - to reflect your company's position as a worldwide force in your field.


Undoubtedly the future, and the next step on from digital cinema screenings, we can beam entertainment or corporate conferences to another venue anywhere in the world - live. Our technology, quite literally, makes the world a smaller place while taking your projects to a truly global level


Partnering with some of the world's leading experts in high-end audio, we can deliver any of our events or installations with true ambisonic sound. From parties to art exhibitions, product launches to live events,
this ambisonic system takes audio to a whole new level, delivering surround sound like you've never heard before. Coupled with our holographic projections, we guarantee a memorable experience for your guests.

Speaker Globe Hologram Hologram